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Servant x Service Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] Servant x Service beschäftigt sich auf humorvolle Weise mit dem Büroalltag der Angestellten im Rathaus, Abteilung Soziales und Wohlfahrt, einer nicht näher genannten Stadt in Hokkaido.


Anime Comedy


2013 - 2013


Keine Angabe


A-1 Pictures


Yasutaka Yamamoto


Kento Shimoyama

1 Be Careful About How You Refer to Someone and Why Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
2 Don't Panic, Make a Scene, or Throw Away Your Job Vivo OpenLoad FlashX OpenLoadHD
3 Don't Neglect the Safety of You or Your Workplace Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
4 Beware of Next Week's Unseen Danger Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
5 Everyone Has Close Calls. Learn from Them and Keep the Workplace Healthy Vivo OpenLoad FlashX OpenLoadHD
6 Examine Unexpected Problems and Hide-and-Seek Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
7 Self Prevention, There Are People Where You Can't See Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
8 A Dangerous Sprout, Beware Tanaka's Grandson Vivo OpenLoad FlashX OpenLoadHD
9 Do You Have It? Mental Capacity and the Accumulation of Feelings Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
10 It'll Be Good Later, At the Same Time Good Things Can Cause Huge Regrets Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
11 Beware the Sweet Trap that Tries to Lure You In Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
12 Wait a Moment, Being Accustomed and Being Unprepared Are Life-Threatening Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD
13 Now We're Set, A Fun Workplace Leading to Tomorrow Vivo OpenLoad OpenLoadHD